When Will Jee Main 2023 Be Held

About JEE(Main) 2023 The Joint Entrance Examination, JEE (Main) comprises two papers. Paper 1 is conducted for admission to Undergraduate Engineering Programs ( B.E/B.Tech,) at NITs, IIITs, other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), and Institutions/Universities funded/recognized by participating State Governments.

This will give two opportunities to the candidates to improve their scores in the examination if they are not able to give their best in one attempt. In the first attempt, the students will get a first-hand experience of taking an examination and will know their mistakes which they can improve while attempting for the second time. This will reduce the chances of dropping a year and droppers would not have to waste an entire year. If anyone missed the examination due to reasons beyond control (such as the Board examination), then he/she will not have to wait for one entire year. A candidate need not appear in both Sessions. However, if a candidate appears in more than one Session then his/her best of the JEE (Main) – 2023 NTA Scores will be considered for preparation of the Merit List/ Ranking.

1. JEE (Main) – 2023 Session 1 for Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech.) will be held on 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31 January 2023 followed by Session 2 on 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12 April 2023. This is being done to ensure that the JEE (Main) – 2023 does not interfere with the Board examinations, which may be held at different times across the States/UTs. Paper 2A and Paper 2B (B. Arch and B. Planning) will also be held twice a year (January and April 2023).2. It has been decided to provide choices in one section of each subject of Paper 1 and Part-I of Paper 2A and 2B to cater to the decision of different Boards across the country regarding the reduction of the syllabus. However, the total number of questions to be attempted will remain the same (Physics – 25, Chemistry – 25, and Mathematics – 25), wherever applicable.

About JEE(Main) 2023


What is the most expected date for JEE 2023?

JEE Main Exam Date 2023 – Here, from this table, the candidates can check the JEE Main exam date 2023 for both of the phases –

Events JEE Main Exam Dates 2023
JEE Main official notification release date December 15, 2022
JEE 2023 Information Brochure release date December 15, 2022
Registration Process starts on Session 1 – December 15, 2022 Session 2 – February 7, 2023
Last date to fill JEE Main 2023 form January session – January 12, 2023 April session – March 7, 2023
JEE Main 2023 application correction January session – January 13 to 14, 2023 & February 3 to 5, 2023 April session – To be announced
Admit Card 2023 Availability Date January session – January 21, 2023 April session – To be announced
JEE Main 2023 exam date January session – January 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, and February 1, 2023 April session – 06, 08, 10, 11, 12 April 2023
JEE Main result date January session – February 6, 2023 April session – April 2023

How do you calculate mains percentile?

FAQs on How to Calculate JEE Main Percentile 2023 – Here are some of the common questions on JEE Main percentile calculation 2023: Q: What is the JEE Main percentile? Ans: JEE Main percentile score is used for calculating the relative performance of the candidates who have appeared in a particular examination.

  1. Q: How is JEE Main percentile calculated? Ans: The JEE Main percentile calculation formula is – 100 x (The number of students who secured a score equal to or less than the student) / (The total number of students who appeared in a particular examination session).
  2. Q: What is the minimum JEE Main percentile score for SC candidates? Ans: The minimum JEE Main percentile score for SC candidates is expected to be above 45 this year.

Q: When will NTA release the JEE Main percentile 2023? Ans: NTA will release the JEE Main percentile 2023 and the JEE Main scorecard.Q. What is the JEE Main normalisation process? Ans: In the JEE Main normalisation process, the percentile score of candidates is calculated on top of all four sessions for the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and overall percentile, along with the overall Merit/ Ranking.

What is CRL rank?

How is CRL calculated in JEE? – The CRL or Common Rank List is calculated by considering the scores obtained by the candidates in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams. The calculation of CRL involves the following steps:

Factors Details
Calculation of Raw Scores In JEE Main, candidates are evaluated based on their performance in three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The maximum marks for each subject are 100, and the total marks for JEE Main are 300. Similarly, in JEE Advanced, the maximum marks for each subject are 120, and the total marks for JEE Advanced are 360.
JEE Normalisation Process The normalisation of scores is done to ensure that the difficulty level of different sets of the question paper is taken into account. In JEE Main, normalisation is done across different sessions, whereas in JEE Advanced, normalisation is done across different subjects.
Calculation of Total Score The total score is calculated by adding the normalised scores obtained in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The maximum marks for the total score are 660.
Preparation of CRL The CRL is prepared by ranking the candidates based on their total score. The candidate with the highest total score is given the first rank, followed by the candidate with the second-highest score, and so on.

What is the lowest score in JEE Mains?

This exam is conducted for courses given below: Updated on Jul 27, 2023 16:40 IST JEE Main Cutoff 2023 has been released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) along with the session 2 results. Candidates can check here JEE Main 2023 cutoff as well as cutoffs for the previous year and know the minimum marks required to qualify for JEE Advanced exam.

  1. Candidates can also check below the category-wise JEE cutoff to know the opening and closing ranks for admission to colleges.
  2. JEE Main cutoff are of two types – qualifying cutoff and admission cutoff.
  3. The qualifying cut-off of JEE Main 2023 comprises of the minimum score that JEE Main 2023 aspirants need to secure to be eligible for JEE Advanced,

The admission cutoff of JEE Main 2023 are the opening and closing ranks for each institute and is released by JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority), To be eligible for JEE Advanced 2023 candidates must secure more than or equal to the category-wise cutoff of JEE Main 2023.

Which nit can i get with 80 percentile?

Best Colleges for 90-80 Percentile in JEE Mains – There are certainly many colleges for 90-80 percentile in JEE Mains 2023. The list below mentions the NITs accepting 80-90 percentile for B.Tech admission:

NITs with 90-80 Percentile in JEE Mains

Institutes Courses Offered
NIT Raipur Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Information Technology
Mechanical Engineering
NIT Jalandhar Civil Engineering
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
NIT Durgapur Bio-Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
NIT Goa Electronics and Communication Engineering
NIT Meghalaya Mechanical Engineering
NIT Puducherry Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
NIT Agartala Bioengineering
Chemical Engineering
NIT Hamirpur Electronics and Communication Engineering

How many seats are there in IIT in India?

When Will Jee Main 2023 Be Held JEE Advanced 2023 Result: 43,773 out of 180,372 candidates successfully cleared JEE Advanced 2023. (Representative image. Express photo) Listen to this article JEE Advanced 2023: IIT intake increases, total 17,385 seats available this year x A total of 17,385 seats are available in all 23 Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) across India, indicating a slight increase from last year’s total of 16,598 seats.

  1. Prof. Bishnupada Mandal, Organizing Chairperson of JEE (Advanced) 2023, stated, “Based on the information available to us, the total number of seats available for admissions in IITs this year is 17,385, including the female supernumerary seats.
  2. However, JoSAA will declare a detailed seat matrix on Monday.” JEE Advanced 2023 | AIR 1 | AIR 2 | AIR 3 | AIR 4 | Female topper | Overall analysis | The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)-Advanced result was announced on Sunday, revealing that 43,773 out of 180,372 candidates successfully cleared the entrance test for admission to undergraduate programs in the 23 IITs.

Among the qualified candidates, 7,509 are females. The registration process for the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) counseling will commence on Monday. However, there is currently no clarity on the detailed seat matrix under JoSAA. Out of the qualified candidates, 43,605 are Indian nationals, while 13 are foreign nationals.

  • Additionally, 155 overseas citizens of India (OCI) candidates have qualified for admission to IITs.
  • Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) / Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card holders who obtained the said status before March 4, 2021, will be treated on par with Indian nationals for the seat allocation process in JoSAA/CSAB-2023 for GEN and GEN-PwD seats.

The OCI/PIO candidates will also benefit from female supernumerary seats. Candidates aspiring to secure admission to IITs and the NIT+ system must attain at least 75% marks in the 12th Class or be in the top 20 percentile in the 12th Class examination conducted by their respective Boards.

What is the difference between All India rank and CRL rank?

A. The CRL is the common rank list and is the same as the overall rank. It consists of all the candidates (of all the categories and General). For the General category, only the CRL is considered while for other candidates, both the reserved category list and CRL are considered.

How is All India rank calculated in JEE Main?

How to calculate JEE Main 2023 rank based on NTA Percentile score? – Before the release of the JEE Main result candidates have a big question – How to JEE Main 2023 rank will be calculated based on the NTA Percentile score? The fact is that the NTA score released is the percentile score for the sessions of JEE Main,

The JEE Main 2023 ranks is declared on the basis of the percentile scores of the students in both sessions with the better of the two scores used in case the candidate has appeared for both January and April sessions. So, why would students ask about JEE Main 2023 rank based on the NTA percentile score? Well, the reasons are many and varied like not appearing for JEE Main April or to judge whether a better score would fetch a seat.

Check out how to calculate the JEE Main 2023 rank using the NTA percentile score below in this article. Also Check: JEE Main marks vs percentile table How to calculate JEE Main 2023 rank based on NTA Percentile score? NTA has announced that normalization will be session wise so the percentile score you got would be relative to the others in your session. This score denotes the percentage of candidates who have scored equal to or below (same or lower raw scores) that particular Percentile in that examination.

So the 9 toppers are students who have got 100 NTA Scores have got the highest scores which is 100 percentile after normalization in their respective sessions. The marks obtained in between the highest and lowest scores have also been converted to appropriate Percentiles. Note: It may be noted that the formula given for the calculation of percentile in JEE Main is indicative in nature and should not be taken as accurate as the actual ranks will vary on account of many factors.

How to calculate JEE Main 2023 rank from NTA Percentile score? Let’s take this for the January session of JEE Main 2023 first. As per the NTA declared result statistics, 8,22,000 students appeared for JEE Main in the January session. NTA has announced that 20 students have scored 100 percentile in these sessions and has declared them as JEE Main Toppers,

To calculate the JEE Main 2023 rank, you first need to know the percentage of people ahead of you with higher percentile scores. To calculate that, the formula would be 100 which is the highest score minus your percentile score. Since the percentile is calculated from a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session of examinees, the formula applies the total number of students in the January session which is 8,22,000 /100 multiplied by the percentage of people who are ahead of you to arrive at the rank.

Therefore, the formula to calculate the JEE Main 2023 rank through percentile for January is JEE Main 2023 rank (probable) = (100- NTA percentile score ) X 8,22,000 /100 If the NTA percentile score is 90.70, JEE Main rank will be (100-90.70 ) X 8,22,000/100 = 76446 Consider the NTA score of 80.60 then JEE Main 2023 rank = (100-80.60) X 8,22,000 /100.

The rank will be 159468. ** This formula would not be for a 100 percentile score as those are the top ranks. To use the JEE Main 2023 Rank Predictor tool, click here How to decide whether to go for JEE Main 2023 April? You could take a probable calculation of percentile in JEE Main and see where you stand.

This means that you take a hypothetical number of the candidates who will appear in April. If you go by past trends, the figures are somewhat between 9 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Using this as a basis, use the NTA score and see which JEE Main rank you will get.

Why the January NTA score? The reason is that the better of the two scores will be used. So if you perform badly in April, the January NTA score still holds good and if you perform better, then the rank will only be better. So what will be the April JEE Main 2023 rank from NTA Percentile Score of January? Using the same formula, If the NTA percentile score is 90.70, JEE Main rank will be (100-90.70) X 1000000/100 = 93,000 In this case, you have a good chance of qualifying for JEE Advanced (as 2,24,000 students qualify for it) and can check the JEE Main cutoff from previous years to understand which institute you can apply for admissions.

Consider the NTA score of 80.60 then JEE Main 2023 rank = (100-80.60) X 1000000 /100. The rank will be 1,94,000 which means may not have a chance of qualifying for JEE Advanced. What is the minimum NTA percentile that may stand a chance to qualify for JEE Advanced? The NTA percentile score of 89.7548849 will stand a chance at JEE Advanced if one takes a look at the JEE Main cutoff from last year.

  1. It is a fact that IITs are dream institutions for most engineering aspirants.
  2. So a student who has done exceptionally well in January may be wishing to skip the JEE Main 2023 April session to concentrate on JEE Advanced 2023 preparation.
  3. Another student may have scored well enough and feels that another session is too strenuous so may wish to skip it if only he/she has a fair chance of a seat in one good NIT or IIIT.

Others may wish to know if they have the chance for any admissions on the basis of their January JEE Main 2023 percentile scores or if should they appear for the April exam to better this? We hope that the decision to write or skip can be made a bit easier using the calculation methods mentioned in this article.

What is the toughest paper in JEE 2023?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Advanced) 2023 is concluded on 4 June 2023. As per the reactions shared by students, JEE Advanced 2023 paper 1, Maths was the toughest section, and the Physics and Chemistry section was moderate to difficult.

Which is the toughest subject in JEE Main?

2. Facts about JEE Paper 1 –

  1. Firstly, most candidates score better in the Chemistry section than the rest. Mathematics is the most stringent and Physics stands somewhere in the middle.
  2. As Chemistry is the most scoring one, students should not neglect it. Otherwise, their chances of getting a good rank in JEE can be restricted.
  3. However, students should also pay significant attention to the other two subjects Physics and Mathematics. These two sections hold a considerable contribution in obtaining a higher rank in JEE Main. Thus, candidates must not ignore these two subjects.
  4. Depending on which is the most scoring subject in JEE Main, students should develop a study schedule for the Joint Entrance Examination. For instance, candidates who are well prepared with Physics, should also gain proficiency with Chemistry and Maths as well.
  5. Conversely, if students are affluent in Chemistry, they can increase their effort a little extra in remaining subjects to acquire even a higher mark.
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    Can I get NIT with 43 percentile?

    Answers (2) Hi there! Well it is not possible to tell, whether you will get a seat in any college right at the moment because getting an admission in any sort of college is depends on various factors like:

    All India Ranking of student Closing cut off rank Number of seats available in institutes and many more

    If you want to take admission in any NITs, IIITs or CFTIs first and foremost you need to qualify minimum cut off ranking which is decided by institutes itself, however rank of an individual is also depends on various factors like 1- Difficulty level of examination 2- Category of an individual 3- Number of students appeared for exam 4- Relative marking etc.

    So, it is not possible to tell whether you will get a seat or not, however we can get a rough idea by analyzing previous year trends of ranking and closing rank of colleges. With 43 percentile, your rank would be anywhere in between 583110 to 655500, and considering your OPEN category, you have a low chances for getting admission in NITs, IIITs or CFTIs as according to previous year trends the maximum closing rank for these colleges is around 60000 to 70000 for other state quota.

    You can also take a look at various NITs, IIITs and CFTIs previous year cut offs and closing rank college wise by clicking here https://engineering.careers360.com/articles/jee-main-cutoff Also if you want to know about the colleges in which you may get admission, use college predictor tool by clicking on the link given below https://engineering.careers360.com/jee-main-college-predictor?utm_source=google-search&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=jee-main-clgpd Hi With 43 percentile/ nta score

    Your crl rank will be roughly around 583110 – 655500

    Now, Making prediction is difficult as cutoff depends upon various factors like :- -) number of students/ candidates that appeared in the jee main exam, -) number of available seats, -) jee main examination difficulty level. -) the branch you want, -) the category you belong etc. -) your rank in jee main But yes, When we go through previous year trend then >>>>>>>>> For your rank Chances for NITs, IIITs, GFTIs is very low You have chances in following colleges which are listed below :- -)Shri Ram College of Engineering and Management, Palwal :- https://www.careers360.com/colleges/shri-ram-college-of-engineering-and-management-palwal/cut-off?college_id=2281&exam_sub_exam_id=2&ici=college_view_cutoffs -)Budge Budge Institute of Technology, Kolkata :- https://www.careers360.com/colleges/budge-budge-institute-of-technology-kolkata/cut-off?college_id=4747&exam_sub_exam_id=2&ici=college_view_cutoffs -)Calcutta Institute of Technology, Howrah :- https://www.careers360.com/colleges/calcutta-institute-of-technology-howrah/cut-off?college_id=4735&exam_sub_exam_id=2&ici=college_view_cutoffs And a few more Above prediction has been made considering past year cut off data but closing rank for colleges varies every year depending upon many factors like jee main question paper difficulty, number of students writing the exam etc so To have a personalised report on your chances of getting a college you can go through our college predictor, it will give you complete list of colleges which you can get on the basis of the category you belong to, your home state, your gender etc, the link for jee main college predictor is provided below https://engineering.careers360.com/jee-main-college-predictor?icn=QnA&ici=qna_answer To help you further, To give an idea of jee main 2022 qualifying cut off, Minimum percentile in jee main 2021 to qualify it to be eligible for jee advanced is given below :- -) general :-87.8992241 percentile -) EWS:- 66.2214845 percentile -) OBC-NCL :- 68.0234447 percentile -) SC :- 46.8825338 percentile -) ST:- 34.6728999 percentile -) PWD :- 0.0096375 percentile You can check the same at our page the link is provided below https://engineering.careers360.com/articles/jee-main-cutoff To enhance your performance in jee main, you can go for jee main rank booster course for which link is given below:- https://learn.careers360.com/jee-main-rank-booster/ Thankyou

    Can I get NIT with 92 percentile?

    Is 91 to 92 percentile a good score? – It is expected that the maximum cutoff for all reserved categories will be between 88 to 90 percentile. Thus, the candidates with 91 to 92 percentiles will be treated under general category, even if they belong to the reserved categories.

    Expected Rank for 76 to 80 Percentile in JEE Main 2023
    Expected Rank for 70 to 75 Percentile in JEE Main 2023
    Expected Rank for 87 to 88 Percentile in JEE Main 2023
    Expected Rank for 80 to 81 Percentile in JEE Main 2023
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for NIT Trichy
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for NIT Warangal
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for MNNIT Allahabad
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for NIT Jalandhar
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for NIT Surathkal
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for MANIT Bhopal
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for VNIT Nagpur
    Expected Good Rank in JEE Main 2023 for MNIT Jaipur
    AP Inter Results 2023 Live: Link, Toppers List
    TS Inter Results 2023 Live

    Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for more Education News pertaining to entrance exams, boards, and admission. You can also write to us at our E-Mail ID [email protected].

    Can I get NIT with 28 percentile?

    According to your score 28 percentile in JEE mains, your rank will be below 1000000. With this rank it is impossible to get any of the NITs or IIITs or CFTIs.

    Can I get NIT with 99.99 percentile?

    99 Percentile in JEE Mains – FAQs – Is getting 99 percentile good in JEE Mains? Yes, 99 percentile is considered good in JEE Mains. With 99 percentile, you are likely to qualify for JEE Advanced and there are high chances of getting into the top NITs in India.

    Is scoring 99 percentile in JEE Mains difficult? JEE Mains is a highly competitive exam and it’s not easy to get 99 percentile. But with consistent efforts and the right approach, you can improve your chances of getting 99 percentile in JEE Mains. How many marks do I need for 99 percentile in JEE Mains? It depends on the difficulty of your JEE Main shift’s question paper.

    If you manage to score between 200-230, then you will have a higher probability to get 99 percentile in JEE Mains.

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