Neet 2023 Registration Last Date

NEET 2023 Application Form Link – The official link for the NEET (UG) Application Form window has been activated at the official website The students who have applied for admission into MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BSMS/BUMS/BHMS and other undergraduates’ (UG) medical courses can rectify their mistakes.

  • Note- The NEET application form is re-opened for all those candidates who could not complete their NEET 2023 Registration earlier as well as for those candidates who want to apply as fresh candidates for the NEET (UG) – 2023.

Neet 2023 Registration Last Date


Can I get aiims with 650 marks?

Since you haven’t mentioned your category, we would consider you to belong to the General Category. You should aim for at least 700+ to get AIIMS New Delhi. According to last year’s data of NEET 2022, an aspirant scoring 650 marks had an AIR of around 4100.

Which is the hardest subject in NEET?

Tough Subjects –

NEET syllabus comprises three subjects- Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Without any doubt, you can say these subjects are hard to comprehend. Usually, most students feel Physics be the toughest of all three. However, depending on your personal liking, this can vary. Thus, you should analyse your strong and weak points quickly and start working more on the latter.

    Which subject is easiest to score in NEET?

    Biology followed by Chemistry is the easiest and most scoring section in NEET exam.

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    What is exam signature size?

    SSC MTS Photo and Signature Size 2023 FAQs: – Here we have given the common FAQs regarding the SSC MTS Photo and Signature Size 2023 for your reference. Q: What is the SSC MTS photo and signature size 2023? A: The SSC MTS signature size 2023 (scanned image file size) should be between 10 KB to 20 KB.

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    What is the SSC MTS Photo and Signature Size in Pixels? A. The pixel size for a photograph is 120 pixels in height x 100 pixels in width and the pixel size for the signature is 60 pixels in height x 140 in width. Neet 2023 Registration Last Date

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