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Which stream is best for NDA after 10th?

Which Stream is Best After 10th: FAQs – Which course is best for IAS after 10th? Students aspiring to become an IAS officer must note that is no specific stream that is best for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination and Candidates from any stream can appear for the same.

  1. However, candidates with a good understanding of the social sciences, including economics, history, geography, and political science, may have an advantage in the exam.
  2. Which stream is best for law after 10th? If you want to become a lawyer or pursue law as a career, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) after Class 12.

Choose any stream in Class 10 as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the LLB program. However, Arts streams could bring an advantage for you for admission as a background in social sciences, including economics, history, and political science, may be helpful in pursuing a legal career.

Which stream is best for NDA after 10th? In order to pursue NDA, students must preferably take PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, after 10th. If one does not want non-medical stream, then also mathematics needs to be taken as a Compulsory subject. In addition, one having non-medical will be eligible for all fields such as, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce.

However, candidates without physics and mathematics will only be eligible for Indian Army. Which stream is the best after 10th? Particularly, it is not appropriate to consider any stream as the best or worst. Each stream comes with its own set of challenges and requires a different skill set.

Which post in NDA has the highest salary?

The highest NDA salary of an Officer is Level 18 which is ₹ 2,50,000/- for the post of Chief of Army Staff (COAS). The highest salary varies for different posts such as for the post of Lieutenant, it could be ₹1,77,500 per month, while for Major General, it is ₹2,18,200/- pm.

Which subject is most important for NDA?

NDA Syllabus – General Ability – The syllabus for National Defense Academy Examination is prescribed by the Union Public Service Commission. It is released every year on their official website along with the exam notification.

The is broadly divided into two categories: English and General Awareness. Candidates need to prepare well especially for the General Awareness section as it is a vast section which includes physics, chemistry, general science, history, geography and current events. Given below is the detailed subject-wise syllabus for NDA Paper-II Exam 2023.

Which field is best in NDA?

Nda Form 2023 Apply Online Where can you secure the best NDA coaching after 10th ? Which stream is best for NDA after 10th? Find all the answers to these questions and other vital information through this piece. The Science stream is the best for NDA after 10th standard. Cadets in the Science stream study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM).

Following the PCM stream increases your eligibility for enlistment in the Navy and Air Force. Adopting the PCM route also makes you eligible for TES Navy and Army entry. Students should have a minimum of 10+2 (for Army), 10 + 2 (Physics and Mathematics for Navy & Air Force). Having these minimum qualifications and training with the best NDA Coaching in India after 10th increases your chances of success.

However, the Humanities stream only offers study options in Liberal Arts without applied science subjects. Cadets in the Humanities stream are limited to the Army in most cases, but Science stream cadets don’t have such restrictions. Three Main NDA Streams – Study Options and Career Opportunities Science Stream The Science stream offers NDA students several promising career opportunities.

  • It is one of the academy’s most sought-after streams for new entrants and after 10th students.
  • Science stream students must study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, as these are core subjects.
  • Other available subjects under this stream are Biology, Electronics, and Computer Science.
  • Languages are also included with core subjects at several stages throughout this stream.

Lab and theory sessions also feature as main parts of this study stream. Students in this stream can further studies in Engineering or Medical courses based on their preferred course of study at Class Twelve. For example, Biology students are eligible to join the Indian Army through Army Dental Corps or AFMC.

Completing the 12th class through the Science stream grants you an application for the NDA exam. Students from this stream can also apply for Technical Entry Scheme (TES) exams across all wings (Army, Navy, and Air Force). Commerce Stream Students in the Commerce stream must study Accountancy, Business Law, Business Economics, and Business Study as core courses.

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All students in this stream are expected to have good knowledge of commerce-related subjects like:

Accounting, Income tax, Industrial trade, Marketing, etc.

Promising career opportunities are available for students in the Commerce stream. Students from this stream can sit for NDA exams and get access to several career prospects. Having Mathematics also boosts your chances of clearing exams based on topics from Economics.

You are expected to have decent knowledge of topics like Trigonometry, Differentiability, Algebra, etc. to advance from this stream. Students from the Commerce stream can gain access to the Indian Army and other Armed Forces units. However, the path to enlist in the Navy and Air Force are usually much stricter than those available to Science stream students.

Arts/Humanities Stream Students in the Arts/Humanities stream have several study options and promising career prospects. In this stream, students can study History, Psychology, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, etc. The Arts/Humanities stream usually has a language feature as one of its core subjects.

Students in this stream are also expected to have knowledge of Economics and Sociology. Best NDA Coaching After 10th: Top Two NDA Foundation Coaching Institutes in India Students aspiring to build successful careers in the Indian Armed Forces can find NDA’s requirements quite intimidating. However, assistance from foundation coaching institutes increases your chances of acceptance and excellence in this course.

The institutes described below have some of the best facilities prospective students can leverage to advance their careers: Indian Defence Academy The Indian Defence Academy is well versed in providing training for freshmen and after 10th students in India.

NDA, CDS, Indian Naval Academy, Indian Air Force, and AFCAT

IDA is widely considered the best coaching for NDA in Dehradun, Doon Sainik Academy The academy has standard facilities and personnel ideal for guiding after 10th NDA students. Some of the most popular services available from this academy are:

Strength/weakness analysis and development Transparent communication model between students and faculty heads Moderate class size to improve learning efficiency Improved problem-solving techniques for NDA exams

All these services and dozens more makes this academy a favourite for after 10th students keen on excellence at the NDA. Final Word Note that there are no attempt limits for cadets seeking to complete Armed Forces training through the NDA. However, you need to ensure a successful attempt before you cross the allowed age limit.

Does Nigeria Defence Academy accept direct entry?

Frequently Asked Questions about the NDA Direct Entry Form –

When does the sale of NDA Direct Entry Forms start? The sale of forms typically starts around the second quarter of the year. However, it’s best to regularly check the official NDA or JAMB websites for accurate dates. Can I apply for NDA Direct Entry with a third-class degree? Yes, you can. However, admission is competitive, and preference is often given to candidates with better grades. Do I need to write JAMB for NDA Direct Entry? No, you do not need to write JAMB. That’s the beauty of Direct Entry. How can I check my NDA Direct Entry admission status? You can check your admission status via the official NDA admissions portal or JAMB CAPS. What courses are available for Direct Entry to NDA? Almost all courses in NDA offer Direct Entry. However, it’s best to check the specific requirements for your chosen course on the NDA official website. What if I don’t meet the cut-off mark for my chosen course? If you don’t meet the cut-off mark for your chosen course, you can either change your course or apply to a different institution that accepts your score.

How long does it take to study Nigeria Defence Academy?

ENTRY REQUIREMENT – The duration of training in NDA is five (5) years. Four years for Academic study and one (1) year for full military training including attachment in relevant Engineering Departments of the military to gain practical experience. The first year of the degree programme is spent in the Faculty of Science while taking few of Faculty of Engineering and Technology courses and the remaining three (3) years are spent in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

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What is the lowest rank after NDA?

NDA – Promotion Opportunities

NDA Promotion
Minimum Service Required for Promotion Indian Army Indian Navy
On being Commissioned Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant
After 2 years of service Captain Lieutenant
After 6 years of service Major Lt Commander

How much is an NDA worth?

Starting at $1,500.00 for basic Non Disclosure Agreement. More complex matters may range from $5,000.00-$10,000.00. An NDA is a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose confidential information that they have shared with each other as a necessary part of doing business together.

Which Academy has the highest selection rate in NDA?

Centurion Defence Academy is known to be the best NDA coaching institute in India due to its highest selection rate every year. The faculty at the Centurion coaching institute is highly experienced and includes ex-officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

What is the highest score in NDA written exam?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Q1. What is the Exam Pattern of the NDA Examination? Ans. The NDA examination is held in two parts: Written Examination and SSB. The written examination consists of two papers one is mathematics which is 300 marks and the other is General Ability Test (GAT)which is 600 marks.

  1. This Examination is conducted in two shifts.
  2. The duration for both Exams is 2 hours and 30 minutes each.120 questions are generally asked.
  3. In the GAT Exam 150 questions are generally asked which include English, General Knowledge, and General Science.
  4. Both papers are mandatory for qualifying for the Examination.

Q2. How Many Hours is NDA Exam? Ans. The NDA Examination is conducted in two shifts. One paper is conducted for Mathematics the duration of the NDA mathematics paper is 2 hours and 30 minutes. After a short interval, another examination of the General ability test is conducted, the duration,Of the GAT examination is also 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Overall candidates have to sit for 5 Hours for the Examination. Q3. Is this Necessary to pass Each subject in NDA Examination? Ans. Yes, for Qualifying NDA Examination, the candidate must have to qualify in all. subjects. At least 25% marks are required in every subject to qualifying the NDA Written examination.

Q4. What are the Highest Marks in the NDA? Ans. The Highest score in NDA was 1116 out of 1800 in 900 from the written examination and 900 from the marks interview conducted. After qualifying both written and Interviews. In the written examination 322 marks are considered the average mark.

  1. Q5. What is the NDA pass rate? Ans.
  2. Candidate needs to score at least 25% minimum marks to qualify for NDA written Examination.
  3. Those who will score more than the cut-off and the minimum marks are called for an interview. Q6.
  4. Is 100 a good Score in NDA? Ans.100 marks are not enough to be recommended in NDA.

Candidates need to qualify for their cut-off for getting the selection for NDA. Q7. Is NDA Maths Easy? Ans. The Maths of NDA is based upon 11th and 12 equivalents. This Exam becomes pretty much easier for student Non-Medical students because they already had studied earlier.

  • So, it is not as hard to crack. Q8.
  • Is Qualifying for NDA easy? Ans.
  • The NDA Written Exam is easy to crack if you had studied properly.
  • All those candidates who study properly and consistently can easily qualify for the examination. Q9.
  • What is the Lowest Score in NDA? Ans.
  • The minimum qualifying mark for that examination is 25%.

For qualifying this prestigious examination at least 25 % marks is compulsory.

Which questions are asked in NDA exam?

NDA Exam Pattern 2023 for Written Exam – The exam paper of NDA written exam is divided into two parts, GAT and Mathematics. All the questions in the exam will be objective type. There will be a total of 150 questions in GAT while the Mathematics part will carry a total of 120 questions.

Papers Subject Maximum marks Duration
Paper 1 Mathematics 300 2 ½
Paper 2 GAT 600 2 ½
Total 900 5 hours

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Candidates can check below the distribution of questions in the GAT paper.

Sections Maximum marks
Part A – English 200
Part B – General Knowledge Physics 100
Chemistry 60
General Science 40
History, Freedom Movement, etc. 80
Geography 80
Current Events 40
Total 600

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Which chapter is most important for NDA exam?

NDA Mathematics Section: Important Topics

Topics Important Chapters Average Number of Questions Asked
Calculus (3 important chapters) Indefinite Integrals 3
Trigonometry (1 important chapter) Ratios and Identities 10
2D and 3D (2 important chapters) Straight Lines 5
3D 4

Which study is best for NDA?

NDA Preparation Tips by Toppers: NDA is one of the most sought-after defence entrance exams in the country. Clearing the exam will help candidates for admission to Army, Navy and Air Force and Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC). The exam is conducted twice a year in two stages, written exam and SSB Interview.

Around 6 lakh candidates apply for the exam, out of which approximately 5000 to 6000 candidates are called for SSB Interview. To prepare for the NDA exam, candidates must follow the tips given by the NDA toppers. The tips can help candidates strategise their preparation for the exam. NDA toppers are of the opinion that to crack the exam, candidates must have a suitable personality, they should work on their spoken language, general knowledge, etc.

Understanding NDA exam pattern and knowing the NDA syllabus will open doors for candidates to succeed in the exam. It is also important to solve the NDA previous years’ question papers to know the type of questions asked in the exam. They have also advised candidates to buy the best books and study materials for the exam.

Talking about the section-wise preparation tips, NDA toppers said that the Mathematics section needs practice and a good understanding of the basics, It is recommended that candidates must prepare questions from Mathematics, English and Science through NCERT books for Classes 6 to 12. To prepare for English, candidates should read newspapers and magazines and also focus on basic grammar rules,

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for NDA 2022 by toppers.

Which degree is best for NDA?

Tech. programme in Applied Electronics and Communication, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science and Information Technology. NDA is presently implementing the B Tech (AEC) programme only. Mechanical Engineering shall commence as per the requirements of the Indian Navy and Air Force.

Which subject is best for NDA in Class 11?

Home QnA Home Subjects to choose class 11th for NDA exam

Answers (4) Hi Rahul You need to have maths, physics, chemistry and mathematics as optional to appear in the exam that is what professionals will tell you but I want to share a intrnal thing about the exam 20 questions comes from biology in GAT paper so if you have bio your marks will boom and you will have a better chance when it will come to merit list.


Other than subjects, there are certain other requirements you have to meet to get selected. Check complete eligibility here :- https://competition.careers360.com/articles/nda-eligibility-criteria Hope this helps. Thank You. Comments (0) Question cannot be greater than 3000 characters 0 / 3000 Hey there First of all of you are aiming for NDA then choose physics and mathematics and also you should start preparing good for your English.

NDA written is less tough than NDA SSB. So do focus on your physical and group discussion skills. Do solve a lots of reasoning problems as majority gets rejected on the first day of reasoning and GD there is an Indian army official video on internet on SSB. But I am not advising you to focus on SSB only do focus on your boards and NDA written paper.

Check about NDA https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://competition.careers360.com/exams/nda&ved=2ahUKEwio5aCg1ZbjAhVe63MBHZL_BkUQFjABegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw2ltw_zRnHDyQSj0PmzlrIA Good luck Comments (0) Question cannot be greater than 3000 characters 0 / 3000 Hello Rahul, In my view PCM will be most suitable.

  • M saying this because by taking PCM, If you strengthen your 11th, 12th concepts then it will not only beneficial for NDA exam but also for other competition exam or entrance exams after 12th like JEE or others.
  • All the best.
  • Comments (0) Question cannot be greater than 3000 characters 0 / 3000 The question have been saved in answer later, you can access it from your profile anytime.

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Which classes is best for NDA?

List of Top 5 NDA Crash Course Coaching Institutes in India

S.No Coaching Institute Name Crash Course Name
1 Doon Defence Academy Crash Course for NDA Coaching
2 Cavalier NDA Crash Course
3 Olive Greens Institute NDA Crash Course
4 Centurion Defence Academy NDA Target Crash Course