Gate 2023 Result Date

GATE 2023 Result Date – IIT Kanpur has declared the GATE result 2023 on March 16 at The validity of the GATE 2023 scorecard will be of 3 years. Only qualified candidates will be able to download the GATE 2023 scorecard. Candidates can refer to the below table to check the GATE result 2023 date.


How much GATE score is required for IIT?

What is the Minimum GATE Score for IITs? – There is no set minimum GATE cutoff for IITs. The GATE Cutoff Marks for each institute must be considered. Considering the previous year’s cutoff, the student must have a GATE rank of 200 or lower. Furthermore, students can enrol in the IIT if their rank is between 600 and 800.

At the very least, the score should fall between 400 and 800. The GATE exam score is used to get admission to IITs and NITs by students looking for a Post-Graduate education (Master’s) program. The GATE exam is conducted and organized annually for admission to the IITs and other state-funded institutions in India.

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What is the high score in GATE?

GATE Toppers 2021 The maximum score was obtained by Amit Sharma belonging to the Civil Engineering Stream. The maximum score was 1000.

How to calculate gate score 2023?

The GATE score is calculated out of 1000. The GATE score is computed based on the marks (normalised) obtained by the candidate and mean marks of the top 0.1% or top 10 of the candidates who appeared in the same paper, including multi-session.

Which gate rank predictor is best?

GATE Rank Predictor : FAQs – Q1. For how long GATE score 2023 is valid? Ans. GATE score 2023 is valid for three years from the release date of the result. Q2. When GATE 2023 result was declared? Ans. The GATE 2023 result was declared on 16 March. Q3. What is the good GATE score to get into PSUs Ans.

The good GATE score for admission into a PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) varies depending on the company and the discipline. Generally, a score above the cut off marks decided by the PSU for a particular year is considered a good score. It’s best to check with the specific PSU you’re interested in for their specific admission criteria.

Q4. Will there be different CUT OFFs for IITs and other colleges ? Ans. Yes, different colleges and universities can have different cut-off marks for admissions, including IITs and other colleges. Q5. Which GATE rank predictor is good? Ans. Physics Wallah is the best rank predictor for the GATE examination.

It provides an accurate real-time assessment for the examination. Q6. Which rank is considered good in GATE 2023 examination? Ans. A rank under 200 would be considered the good in GATE 2023 examination. Q7. How much rank is required for IIT? Ans. It all depends on the difficulty level of the GATE examination.

Based on the previous year’s analysis, a candidate must secure rank under 200 to get into the best IITs.

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Which PSU has highest salary?

Which PSU pays highest salary? – PGCIL PSU pays the highest salary.

What is highest score in gate 2023?

Congratulations to all Toppers of GATE 2023

Paper:Sections Name Score
Chemical Engineering ROHIT BHAGAT KALWAR 1000
Chemistry ATANU DAS 981
Civil Engineering SUBAN KUMAR MISHRA 1000
Computer Science and Information Technology JAYADEEP SUDHAKAR MORE 1000

How is GATE score calculated out of 100?

GATE Marks are calculated out of 100 for 65 questions. Each correct answer in GATE paper is awarded with 1 or 2 marks. In multiple-choice questions, for every incorrect answer 1/3 or 2/3 marks are deducted from the total. In the case of NATs and MSQs, no marks are deducted from the total.

What is the full form of IIT?

IIT stands for Indian Institutes of Technology, IIT is especially governed by the Institute of Technology Act, 1961 that has been declared as the National Importance Institute and also lays down the powers, framework, and duties for governance. Every IIT is very autonomous that is linked with others through this IIT council for oversees administration.

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What is minimum GATE score?

GATE 2022 Qualifying Cutoff – Check the GATE cutoff 2022.

GATE Paper 2022 GATE Qualifying Marks
CS 25 22.5 16.6
ECE 25 22.5 16.5
Biotechnology 35.5 31.9 23.6
Chemical Engineering 25.3 22.7 16.8
Statistics 25 22.5 16.6
Metallurgical engineering 46.2 41.5 30.8
Mathematics 27.3 24.5 18.2
Electrical engineering 30.7 27.6 20.4
Textile engineering and fibre science 36.8 34.9 25.6
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 28.1 25.2 18.7
Physics 26.5 23.8
Life Science (Botany/ Zoology) 33.9 30.5 22.5
Ecology and life sciences 33.4 30 22.2
Agriculture Engineering 26.3 23.6 17.5
Chemistry 27.5 24.7 18.3
Mining Engineering 25.5 22.9 17
Engineering Sciences (Fluid Mechanics/ Thermodynamics) 40.3 36.2 26.8

What is GATE percentile?

Steps to Calculate GATE Percentile – Now, that you know what a GATE percentile is, candidates must be aware of what are the steps they should follow to conclude his/her GATE percentile. To understand how to calculate GATE percentile, read the step-by-step method for more clarity.

  1. All India Rank : The GATE percentile of a candidate indicates how well he/she has performed in the exam as compared to other candidates in that particular branch of the GATE exam. The All India Rank of a candidate is issued only when his/her GATE Score is published.
  2. Number of candidates in each category : While calculating the GATE percentile, it is important to know the number of candidates who have actually appeared for the GATE Exam in that particular branch. Normally, the number of candidates appearing from each category is released when the GATE result exam is announced.
  3. Calculation of GATE Percentile: Once a candidate is aware of his/her AIR and the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam, he/she can easily know how to calculate GATE percentile with the help of the following formulae:

P = (N-R)/N X 100

  • Where, ‘P’ stands for the percentile, and ‘N’ is the total number of candidates who appeared for the GATE examination in a particular session/section/slot.
  • Whereas (N – Candidate Rank) denotes the number of candidates whose scores are lesser than your score.
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To state an example, if the AIR of a candidate is 500 and the total number of candidates appearing under the category is 3000; the GATE Percentile can be calculated as follows: (4000-500)/4000×100 = 87.5% Percentile of this candidate in the GATE is 87.5% To understand how to calculate GATE percentile, let’s consider an estimated value of candidates who have appeared in the exam, the rank obtained.

  • Total number of students = 10,000
  • GATE AIR = 5, 99, 500, 20,000
Number of Candidates GATE Rank (approx) GATE Percentile (approx)
Candidate 1 99 (10,000-99)/10,000 ✕ 100 = 0.997525 ✕ 100= 99.752
Candidate 2 20,000 (10,000-20,000)/10,000 ✕ 100 = 0 ✕ 100= 0
Candidate 3 5 (10,000-5)/10,000 ✕ 100 = 0.99995 ✕100= 99.995
Candidate 4 500 (10,000-500)/10,000 ✕ 100 = 0.99 ✕100= 99

Know about other GATE FAQs in this article!

How many questions do you need to solve for GATE?

How many Questions will be There in GATE exams – Meanwhile, check out details of how many questions are in the GATE exam. The duration of a GATE computer-based test is 3 hours, constituting 65 questions attributing to 100 marks. Learn more about what type of questions are asked in the GATE exam, as well.

What is the best GATE rank for IIT?

What is a Good Score in GATE 2023? – One of the most common queries which come into the mind of GATE exam aspirants is how much score is considered to be a good score for the GATE exam. After the GATE exam, different IITs, NITs, and IIITs release their cutoff score for admissions.

What is the best GATE rank for IIT?

What is a Good Score in GATE 2023? – One of the most common queries which come into the mind of GATE exam aspirants is how much score is considered to be a good score for the GATE exam. After the GATE exam, different IITs, NITs, and IIITs release their cutoff score for admissions.

Can I get IIT Bombay with GATE?

Yes, every IIT and other reputed institutes have different GATE cutoff criteria, and candidates need to meet that if they want to get admission to IIT Bombay. To explore, students can check the IIT Bombay GATE Cutoff for previous years. This way they will get an idea about the marks.

What is the GATE score for IIT Bombay?

IIT Bombay, GATE Cutoff 2023 for EWS Category is listed below. The overall cutoff for GATE is 325 – 750 marks.