Gate 2023 Answer Key

Gate 2023 Answer Key


How can I download the answer key for Gate 2023?

NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has released the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) answer key for the year 2023 on its official website — Candidates can check and download their answer key for GATE 2023 on the official website through candidate login on the Online Application Processing System (GOAPS).

  • The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Answer key can be accessed by logging in to candidate’s account.
  • Candidate Responses is accessible through login only.
  • Candidate can register their grievances against the official provisional answer key from February 22 to 25, 2023.
  • Gate 2023 results will be announced on March 16 while the scorecard will be made available for the candidates on March 21, 2023.

GATE scores are used for admission to postgraduate programmes in engineering, technology, architecture, and science. Additionally, GATE scores are also used by some public sector undertakings (PSUs) in India for recruitment purposes. Direct link to download GATE 2023 Answer Key How to download and challenge the GATE answer key 2023 ? Step 1: Go to the official website of GATE – Step 2: Click on the link for the GATE answer key.

Step 3: Enter your login credentials such as Enrollment ID/Email Address and Password. Step 4: Click on the link for the GATE answer key. Step 5: Select the question paper and click on the answer key link. Step 6: Download the answer key and compare your responses with the answer key. Step 7: If you find any discrepancies in the answer key, you can challenge it by filling out the online application form.

Step 8: Upload the supporting documents and pay the requisite fee for each question challenged. After the due date, IIT Kanpur will release the final answer key, and the result will be declared based on the final answer key.

What is gate score?

GATE Score vs Marks vs Rank 2023 – The pointers below will highlight the basics of the GATE Score vs Marks vs Rank for the candidates appearing in 2023. GATE Marks : The GATE exam will consist of 65 questions, containing a total of 100 marks. Based on the marking scheme of the paper, the students will be scoring certain marks depending on the right or wrong answer given by the student in the exam out of 100.

GATE Score: GATE Score refers to the score which is calculated on the basis of the normalization process. If the different papers for GATE have a different level of difficulty, the final score is derived using the normalization process. In this process, the score is calculated out of 1000 as the total marks.

Finally, based on the normalization formula, the final score is calculated for all the papers. GATE Rank : GATE AIR (All India Rank) is the rank that is scored by the candidate depending on the marks obtained by the student in the exam. Using the marks of the student, a certain rank is assigned to each of the qualifying students.

What is the full form of gate?

What is the Full form of GATE? – The full form of GATE is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, It is an entrance exam held annually in India for admission to postgraduate programmes in the science and technology sector. The is jointly administered and supervised on behalf of the Department of Higher Education of the Government of India, HRD (Ministry of Human Resources Department), by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology.

It is typically performed each year in January or February. It is a single system-based paper that lasts three hours. The paper tests the comprehensive knowledge of undergraduate engineering topics of the applicant primarily. For three years, the score of GATE is valid. It defines the relative success of a candidate in a specific division.

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an examination that focuses on testing a candidate’s comprehensive understanding of undergraduate engineering and science subjects. GATE is one of the most competitive exams in India. It is recognized by the best Universities like NIT and IIT and by various institutes outside India as well.

  • Now, that we have explored the Full Form of GATE, there are certain GATE Exam Concepts Related Full Forms to know about.
  • There are various full forms under the GATE examination that a candidate must know when preparing for it.
  • These full forms will help the aspirants understand the syllabus better.
  • The results are usually declared a month after the examinations.

It includes a candidate’s total marks, AIR, GATE score, and cut off marks. This GATE score stays valid for 3 years, and it reflects a candidate’s performance level, which they can use for admission to Master’s Programs and jobs. The also acts as a prerequisite to getting financial assistance and scholarships.

What is the highest GATE score?

NEW DELHI: The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2023 results have been announced, and the toppers list has been published by the Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur. Among the top performers are Yash Kishorbhai Joshi in Aerospace Engineering, Shreya Bhardwaj in Architecture and Planning, and Jayadeep Sudhakar More in Computer Science and Information Technology.

  1. The toppers in other disciplines such as Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Physics have also been recognized for their outstanding performance in the GATE 2023 exam.
  2. The complete list of toppers with their respective scores is available below.
  3. In Aerospace Engineering, Joshi Yash Kishorbhai secured the top position with 73 marks and 988 scores.

Anshika Rai topped Agricultural Engineering with 49 marks and scored 1000. In Architecture and Planning, Shreya Bhardwaj secured the first position with 75.67 marks and 1000 score. Thandava Sesh Talpa Sai Sunkara topped Biomedical Engineering with 60 marks and 1000 score.

In Biotechnology, Aishwarya K secured the top position with 79.67 marks and 1000 score. We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the GATE 2023 toppers on their remarkable achievements. We hope that their success will inspire many more aspirants to strive for excellence and achieve their goals. Candidates, who took the examination, can check and download their results online on the official website —

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The exam was conducted on February 4, 5, 11 and 12, 2023 across multiple cities in India. GATE is a highly competitive exam that tests the technical knowledge of candidates in various engineering disciplines.

Paper:Sections Name Marks Score
Aerospace Engineering Joshi Yash Kishorbhai 73 988
Agricultural Engineering Anshika Rai 49 1,000
Architecture And Planning Shreya Bhardwaj 75.67 1000
Biomedical Engineering Thandava Sesha Talpa Sai Sunkara 60 1000
Biotechnology Aishwarya K 79.67 1000
Chemical Engineering Rohit Bhagat Kalwar 92.67 1000
Chemistry Atanu Das 72 981
Civil Engineering Suban Kumar Mishra 83.11 1000
Computer Science And Information Technology Jayadeep Sudhakar More 93.67 1000
Ecology And Evolution Karthik Thrikkadeeri 84.33 1000
Electrical Engineering Bhanwar Singh Choudhary 66 1000
Electronics And Communication Engineering Siddharth Sabharwal 90 1000
Engineering Sciences: Solid Mechanics & Thermodynamics Anshuman 83.67 952
Environmental Science And Engineering Devendra Patil & Manish Kumar Bansal 64.33 (Both) 953 (Both)
Geology And Geophysics: Geophysics Shubham Banik 85.67 1000
Geology And Geophysics: Geology Manish Singh 74 1000
Geomatics Engineering Saurav Kumar 66 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Economics V Gaurav 83.33 989
Humanities And Social Sciences: Psychology Deepti Dilip Moar 84 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Linguistics Keerthana Nair 74.67 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Philosophy Sreeram K N 72.67 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Sociology Tejasvi Kamboj 73 943
Humanities And Social Sciences: English Sayantan Pahari 84.33 1000
Instrumentation Engineering Akash Srivastava 78.33 968
Life Sciences: Biochemistry & Botany Advita Sharma 73.33 1000
Mathematics Suvendu Kar 50.33 941
Mechanical Engineering Aryan Choudhary 90.67 1000
Metallurgical Engineering Ashutosh Kumar Yadav 85.67 973
Mining Engineering Udit Jaiswal 63.33 973
Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering Shivam Ranjan 60 1000
Petroleum Engineering Mahammadtaukir Alauddinbhai Karigar 74.67 963
Physics Arunendra Kumar Verma 75 1000
Production And Industrial Engineering Sh Gowtham Gudimella 87.33 938
Statistics Nikhilesh Rajaraman 73.67 1000
Textile Engineering And Fibre Science Amit Kumar Pandey 66 1000

How many marks is a 700 GATE score?

The GATE score of 700 will have different marks in various branches because other criteria also come in to picture but candidates will have 50-60 marks can get 700 scores. If a candidate has a GATE score of 700 he will have to obtain 65 – 70 marks seeing previous years trends.

What is the meaning of 800 score in GATE?

GATE Rank – The candidate’s GATE score is used to determine their GATE rank. All qualified applicants are awarded an all-India ranking, which establishes their chances of admission to postgraduate programmes at IIT, IISc, and NIT. A good GATE rank is a relative concept that is determined by the candidate’s goals.

GATE Rank GATE Marks
1-10 92+ 80+ 90+ 73+ 91+
10-50 87-92 75-80 85-90 67-73 87-91
50-100 85-87 72-75 78-85 63-67 84-87
100-200 82-85 68-72 74-78 60-63 81-84
200-500 79-82 62-68 70-74 56-60 77-81
500-1000 75-79 56-62 64-70 50-56 72-77
1000-2000 71-75 50-56 57-64 45-50 66-72
2000-5000 63-71 40-50 50-57 38-45 57-66
5000-10000 51-63 32-40 40-50 28-38 46-57


GATE Marks GATE Scores GATE Ranks Using the GATE Marking Scheme, marks are calculated out of 100. Percentile score obtained out of 1000 after score normalization AIR calculated using scores received for M.Tech admissions

Therefore, the below pointers and table listed below will help give the students an insight to clear their base on the difference between marks, rank and score:

  • The discipline and cut off will determine the GATE rank needed to be admitted to the desired college.
  • For M.Tech admission to IITs, a GATE score of under 200 is considered good, whereas a GATE score of between 350 and 800 is considered good for admission to NITs.
  • A few new IITs and IIITs will accept applications for M.Tech admission from candidates with scores between 600 and 800.
  • The analysis of expected GATE 2023 rank vs. marks is presented in the table below. Candidates can look at this table to get a better idea of where they should expect to place based on their scores.

What is a gate in the Bible?

‘Gates’ in biblical Israel weren’t just a doorway into the city. They were where prophets cried out and kings judged, and people met, like in the ancient city of Dan.

What is gate in PC?

A logic gate is a device that acts as a building block for digital circuits. They perform basic logical functions that are fundamental to digital circuits. Most electronic devices we use today will have some form of logic gates in them. For example, logic gates can be used in technologies such as smartphones, tablets or within memory devices,

In a circuit, logic gates will make decisions based on a combination of digital signals coming from its inputs. Most logic gates have two inputs and one output. Logic gates are based on Boolean algebra. At any given moment, every terminal is in one of the two binary conditions, false or true, False represents 0, and true represents 1.

Depending on the type of logic gate being used and the combination of inputs, the binary output will differ. A logic gate can be thought of like a light switch, wherein one position the output is off – 0, and in another, it is on – 1. Logic gates are commonly used in integrated circuits (IC).

What is gate in simple words?

A gate is a structure like a door which is used at the entrance to a field, a garden, or the grounds of a building. He opened the gate and started walking up to the house. Synonyms: barrier, opening, door, access More Synonyms of gate.2. countable noun.

What is the strategy for GATE?

GATE Last-Minute Preparation Tips – Here, we are providing the final steps for revision, which candidates can utilize during the last days for their preparation:

  • Keep revising while you’re still preparing – If you have completed the maximum syllabus, then try to avoid the new topics for now. If the topics are very important, you can only go through some important points or notes.
  • Take more mock tests – Take complete mock tests every day once you finish the syllabus to analyze how much you are improving each day. Before the exam, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on those parts. In such cases, time management plays an important role. So a regular mock test will give you better results in speed as well as in terms of accuracy.
  • Make notes – Try to make notes for everything you read. Don’t rely on YouTube videos and online lectures too much. Try to keep revising your notes regularly. Once you revise, you will see that you are memorizing everything, which will help you to score better.
  • Practice numericals more – The candidates should attempt the NAT-based questions because such sections don’t have any negative markings. So prepare well for them.
  • Follow a healthy life routine – While preparing for any exam, students usually avoid following a healthy diet and sleep pattern. But at this stage, it is important to stick to a healthy eating and sleeping pattern as it will help in candidates’ high concentration level. So candidates should ensure they follow a healthy lifestyle based on a well-planned schedule to focus and prepare well for GATE.
  • Keep your test day procedures prepared – Candidates ought to reasonably comprehend the number of inquiries they need to endeavor for an ideal GATE score. The paper will have negative marking, so there is no need to attempt all the questions if you are unsure about answers.
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Candidates should know their strengths and play along to score well. There is no sectional time limit. Therefore, the candidates can choose any section and start attempting the ones they are confident in cracking. It is highly suggested that candidates avoid guessing work as there is negative marking for wrong answers in MCQs / MCQs.

Why do we use GATE?

Want to join the conversation? –

I have taken logic before and not coincidentally, see that logic gates share many of the same properties as logic like NOR gate (negation), AND gate (conjunction) and the OR gate (disjunction). However, I would like to know if there will be a conditional gate or a biconditional gate. Thanks! Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page

If I understand biconditional correctly, then yes, there is a corresponding logic gate. It’s called XNOR, Here is the truth table for it. A | B | OUT 0 | 0 | 1 0 | 1 | 0 1 | 0 | 0 1 | 1 | 1 Basically, if the two inputs are the same, then the output will be 1 (true). Otherwise, the output will be 0 (false). There is also a conditional gate. According to wikipedia, it is called IMPLY, Although I have not heard of many uses of this gate. Hope this helps! (: Comment on Evan’s post “If I understand biconditi.”

Could you classify a computer as a logic gate itself? Because all computers really do is take in 0s and 1s, and then outputs some 0s and 1s. Isn’t that the same definition of a logic gate? Thanks for responding! (: Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page

From the author: Interesting idea! It’s true that a computer takes in binary data and outputs binary data. However, it does more than a logic gate. A logic gate is a device performing a Boolean logic operation on one or more binary inputs and then outputs a single binary output. Computers perform more than simple Boolean logic operations on input data, and they typically output more than a single binary digit. Computers definitely use logic gates for all their calculations, however, so they are incredibly dependent on logic gates! Button navigates to signup page

How do companies decide on the number of logic gates for a computer/ how do logic gates define the quality of the computer? If logic gates are how computer makes decisions for outputs, and there billions of possible inputs, how does a computer scientist decide there are enough in a system? How do they decide which inpiuts correspond to a certain gate? How are the gates implemented for a keyboard, for example? Is there one logic gate for each key? Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page Can you expand on this Boolean Operation? What are some (real-life) examples? Are all the gates Boolean. (how)? Button navigates to signup page Comment on Moksha’s post “Can you expand on this Bo.”

From my understanding, boolean gates take two values/bits(1s and 0s) and output an appropriate result. For example, imagine you had a machine that needed to be precise with its results(if the result is off by a 0.00001, then the machine wouldn’t work). For your output to be precise, you would need all of your inputs to be as accurate. This is where you would then use a logic gate(specifically an AND Gate) to make sure that the inputs are correct. An AND Gate because this gate only works(outputs a 1) when all of the inputs gates are correct(When all gates are 1s). What you want your machine to do will influence which gate you choose and how you will use it. I hope this helps. Button navigates to signup page

does all logic gates used ina computer and what do they operate about Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page

You have a multitude of different logic gates that operate within a computer. These gates are used in combinational and sequential circuit design. The logic gates include: AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR. The AND gate takes two inputs and evaluates to true (i.e. outputs a ‘1’) when both of its inputs are true, or false otherwise. The OR gate takes two inputs and evaluates to true when either one of its inputs are true (or if both inputs are true – this is conventionally named “inclusive or”). The NOT gate takes in one input and inverts that input (i.e. it will flip a ‘1’ to a ‘0’ and a ‘0’ to a ‘1’). The NAND gate is essentially an AND gate whose output is then fed into a NOT gate. Therefore, it is true in all cases except for when both inputs are ‘1’. The NOR gate is essentially an OR gate whose output is then fed into a NOT gate. Therefore, it is true only in the case where both inputs are zeroes (the only case that would have made an OR gate output a ‘0’). The XOR gate is true when the inputs are opposite of each other, but false when they are equal. For example, the two inputs ‘1’ and ‘0’ would produce a true (‘1’) output, but the two inputs ‘1’ and ‘1’ or ‘0’ and ‘0’ would produce a false (‘0’) output (this is conventionally named “exclusive or”). The XNOR gate follows the same conventions as above, and acts like an XOR gate whose output is then fed into a NOT gate. Therefore, an XNOR gate is true only when the two inputs are the same, Logic gates are the fundamental building blocks that you need to understand in order to understand computer system design, do take the time to familiarize yourself with the gates and continue to ask questions if you are curious or need any help! Button navigates to signup page

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I would appreciate a further explanation of how to apply the three basic gates in real life computing Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page

Button navigates to signup page

As in XOR (Puts out a 1 if there is only 1 true input). Will it answer 1 if both the inputs are true or 1? Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page

You can think of XOR as an inequality detector. If you have a 0 with a 1, the two inputs are not equal and hence you output 1. Alternatively, if you have 0 with 0 or 1 with 1 (as you mention), you output 0. Button navigates to signup page

If Im designing a digital circuit, and there’s an input A, is there any gate I can use to check at the beginning of my circuit if A is true or false? Because I would only feed A through the rest of my gates if its true, but I don’t know how to “check” if its false. Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page Can you explain to me Building blocks that use NAND and NOR gates? Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page A piece of equipment has three fault detectors and these are connected into an alarm control unit which is a logic circuit. A single fault is regarded as unimportant as it probably arises from a faulty detector. Faults are therefore indicated only if two or more inputs show a fault condition.

  • A) Construct a truth table to show when the alarm control unit (output Y) is turned on for each possible combination of inputs A, B and C.
  • B) Determine the sum-of-products equation for output Y.
  • C) By applying minimisation techniques to your answer for part (b), derive the minimum logic expression for output Y.

Show your methodology clearly in your answer. (d) Using IEC symbols and your answer to part c, draw the minimised logic circuit diagram Button navigates to signup page Button navigates to signup page

How many mock tests are enough for GATE?

Does attending 7-8 mock tests before Gate exam are enough Hello Isha, In general it is highly recommended that you give at least 10 mocks (considering you have very less time). Since, its the threshold of knowing the full paper accurately & to get yourself a pile of mistakes that you would have done in your actual Gate paper (you must not do those same mistakes in the next mock).

How to download GATE pass?

How to Download the GATE Exam 2022 Admit Card? –

  • Visit the GATE 2022 official website.
  • Click on the download link of the GATE 2023 admit card,
  • Log in using your enrollment id and password.
  • The admit card of GATE 2023 will be displayed on the screen.
  • Download and take a printout of the admit card in PDF form.

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How to find GATE score?

How is GATE score calculated? – The GATE Score is determined using the candidates’ actual marks received for all papers with a single session. The GATE score is computed using normalized marks for papers in multi-session exams.The highest marks and qualifying marks for each subject determine the GATE scores in full.

Furthermore, it might completely change from year to year. It should be noted that different scores from different years can be obtained for the same marks. Unlike GATE Marks, which are calculated using a 100-point scale, GATE Score is based on a 1000-point scale. Candidates for the GATE should be aware that the terms “GATE Marks” and “GATE Scores” used here are completely unrelated.

Read the article to learn more about how GATE scores are determined, the factors taken into account, the normalization process, and the distinction between GATE Marks, Ranks, and Score Analysis.

Is there virtual calculator in GATE?

How to Download the GATE Virtual Calculator? – To start practising the GATE virtual calculator during the preparation days, aspirants should have access to the online calculator. Generally, there are two ways you can use the GATE calculator easily during numerical practice.

Download the GATE calculator app on mobile from Play Store or App Store.Use the Online GATE virtual calculator provided by TCS on the computer.