Fmge June 2023 Exam Date

Fmge June 2023 Exam Date
July 30, 2023 FMGE 2023 exam dates

Events FMGE application dates
Final chance to rectify the uploaded documents July 18 to 21, 2023 (extended)
Admit card to be available from July 25, 2023
FMGE exam date July 30, 2023
Declaration of result August 30, 2023

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How many students pass FMGE in India?

FMGE June 2022 Pass Percentage at 10.61% Is Less Than Half Of Last Year – A Look At FMGE Pass Percentages Of 10 Years – AglaSem News National Board of Examination for Medical Sciences (NBEMS) announced the FMGE screening test 2022 result for the June session today.

As per reports, a total of 22,092 candidates registered for the exam, out of which, only 2,346 students passed. This amounts to a pass percentage of 10.61%. Although the FMGE 2022 pass percentage is drastically low, a comparison with past-year performances will help to detect any improvement in the result.

The FMGE screening test is usually conducted in two sessions – June and December. Following is a table summarizing the pass percentages for 10 years i.e., 2013-2022 –

FMGE Session Pass Percentage
2022 10.61% (June)
2021 23.91% (December)
2020 9.94% (December)
2019 20.7% (June)
2018 10.2% (December)
2017 7.41% (June)13.89% (December)
2016 11.22% (June)8.08% (December)
2015 10.40% (June)12.20% (december)
2014 4.93% (June) 20.00% (December)
2013 29.15% (March)16.65% (September)

Following are the observations from FMGE past-year performances – # The pass percentage usually hovered between 5-15 % and exceeded the limit only in a few sessions. The highest pass percentage was recorded in the March 2013 session, with a whopping 29.15%.

# Comparing the June-December sessions from 2017-2013 clearly implies that students usually performed well in the second session. Whether or not this holds true in 2022 will depend on the FMGE December 2022 exam. # There is no clear upward or downward trend in pass percentage over the last 10 years for the same sessions.

For example, the figure reported in December 2020 was 9.94%. The December 2021 pass percentage grew by a landslide, reporting a pass percentage of 23.91%. # An inconsistent graph is also observed when comparing the performance of consecutive sessions. While the December 2021 session reported 23.91% as pass percentage, the June 2022 session reported 10.61%.

  1. Reasons for steep increase or decrease in the FMGE 2022 pass percentage graph can be attributed to number of registered candidates, difficulty-level of paper and external circumstances.
  2. An example of external disturbances can be the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a low pass percentage for FMGE December 2020 session i.e., 9.94%.

All those who passed the FMGE 2022 screening test will be awarded certificates in-person, by the competent authority, at a later stage. the exact date for certificate collection shall be notified by NBEMS, on the official website. After receiving this certificate, candidates will be able to practice medicine in India.

Which country is best for FMGE?

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Getting a medical degree from a foreign country is a tremendous job. Medical students have to put a lot of effort and hard work in order to get their degree but it doesn’t just end there. Most of the countries where Indian students study MBBS require FMGE clearance.

  • If the student studies MBBS in countries like the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand the FMGE clearance is not required.
  • If the Indian student graduates from countries like Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Germany they must clear their FMGE in order to get the licence to practice medicine in India.

In this blog we will discuss about

FMGE Reality Why do some countries have a lower FMGE pass percentage than others? Which country has a high FMGE pass percentage? Which college has a high FMGE pass percentage? Which medical education consultancy has a high FMGE pass percentage?

Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Yes, the sad truth about this exam is most of the foreign graduates fail this exam due to the poor quality of medical education given in other countries. Countries like Russia and China might seem to give great medical education to Indian medical students. Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Countries like Russia and China have their own curriculum which has nothing to do with other countries’ syllabus. These countries usually have their own treatment methodologies and different drugs for treatment. When students study in such countries they really struggle finishing their FMGE exams even if they join private FMGE coaching institutions.

Then there are countries like the Philippines. The Philippines has a US based curriculum for medical education. Thus it helps the students a lot when they attend their FMGE examinations. The Philippines is considered as a hotspot for global medical students to study MBBS. It is also the only country which has a high Indian medical student concentration.

Some colleges in the Philippines have excellent infrastructure and a world class teaching faculty but many parents and students are concerned about the quality of education and FMGE results if they graduated from this country. This concern is common among the students and parents, because many countries such as and usually produce very few FMGE qualifiers.When it comes to, it is the only country which produced a high FMGE pass percentage in 2021.

  • Well, we definitely have many proofs which suggest that studying MBBS in the Philippines is more successful than studying in other countries.
  • Yes, studying MBBS in the Philippines could help the medical students to get good marks in FMGE.
  • But many people ask “Which college produced a high FMGE pass percentage in June-2021?” University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, Philippines has now proved by producing the highest FMGE pass percentage in June 2021.

This year especially this perpetual medical college has produced a high FMGE pass percentage and has made many Indian students reach their dream. Fmge June 2023 Exam Date It is not easy to study MBBS in an abroad country. There are many practical difficulties which many ordinary middle class families face to enroll their children in reputed colleges or universities in abroad countries. That is where education consultancies come into play.

FENCE medical education consultancy has produced a high FMGE pass percentage in 2021. Many education consultancies just claim that they have a high FMGE pass percentage. But, look for proof in websites or social media pages, there won’t be any. But, FENCE education consultancy has openly posted their achievements online.

This is proof that this authentic consultancy has produced a high FMGE pass percentage in the June 2021 session of FMGE Screening Test conducted by NBE. Passing FMGE is the ultimate aim for any medical student studying abroad. But choosing the best country and the college/university is equally important as choosing a good consultant. Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Fmge June 2023 Exam Date Yes, FMGE must be cleared in order for the MCI to approve you as a physician and practice medicine in India. If the student studies MBBS in countries such as the Philippines, China, Ukraine they need to pass the FMGE exam. Countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand doesn’t require FMGE passing.

Which country has lowest FMGE pass percentage?

FMGE Reality Countries like Russia and China might seem to give great medical education to Indian medical students. In reality these countries have the lowest FMGE pass percentage in educational history.

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Can I practice in India without FMGE?

Pursue a PG Degree in the UK – The best career option for FMGE failed candidates is to enrol in one or two years of post-graduation courses in the UK. There are various specialisations to choose from such as: Clinical

  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Respiratory Medicine


  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Hospital Administration
  • Bariatric Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Diabetes care

After completing a post-graduation degree in the UK, candidates can practice in India as well as 47 other countries without the need of appearing for the FMGE. PG from the UK is recognised by NMC and MCI.

Which country MBBS degree is valid in India without FMGE?

MCI FMGE Scores – The FMGE results are announced online by its conducting body, the National Board of Examination (NBE). The result simply states whether the candidate has cleared the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination or not. Once available, candidates can download their MCI FMGE results in PDF format from the official website of NBE.

  • Candidates who successfully qualify the MCI FMGE examination would be required to collect their FMGE Pass Certificates in person from the office of the NBE.
  • They would be required to produce the same to the Medical Council of India, who would then issue them their registration certificate, making them eligible to practice in India.

Once released, candidates can check their respective results at NBEMS website – and Got more questions regarding MCI FMGE? Check out our FMGE FAQ section below.Q. Can a candidate study in India if he has not cleared his FMGE? A.

  • If the candidate has completed his undergraduate medical studies from abroad and wants to study further in India, he is required to qualify for the MCI FMGE examination.
  • However, candidates with an undergraduate medical degree from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States of America or the United Kingdom, are exempted from FMGE.Q.

How many times can a student attempt the MCE FMGE? A. This exam can be attempted as many times as one wants. But it should be kept in mind that once this exam is qualified by a candidate, he or she cannot appear for it again.Q. Is there an age limit to appear for MCI FMGE? A.

Application Process to MBBS from the UK Is it Worth Studying MBBS in Russia? MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Ukraine? Which is better?

Which country is top in world for MBBS?

Top 5 Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad at Low-Cost Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), is an undergraduate course for aspirants who desire to become a doctor. It’s a dream career choice for students who want to be qualified medical practitioners or doctors. What is the Course and Duration of MBBS? The duration of the MBBS course is five years and six months, which includes one year of rotational internship at hospitals, health centres, and health camps organized by non-profit organizations (NGOs). Why do Indian Students Choose to Study Medicine at Foreign Universities? On February 26, 2022, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi stated that Indian students are going to “different countries for study, especially in medical education.” What is the Reason Behind This Trend? The reason thousands of students go abroad for MBBS degrees is very clear as per the experts:

The shortage of seats in IndiaRelatively affordable fees in other countries when compared with private colleges within India.

According to the Ministry of Health, there were 88,120 undergraduate seats in medical colleges in India as of December 2021 and over 15.44 lakh candidates appeared for NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test – Undergraduate). Around 8.70 lakh candidates cleared the exam, which means the number of undergraduate medical seats available (88,120) can only accommodate around 10% of the total qualifying candidates.

Thus, looking at the above data, it is evidently clear that Indian students wish to get admission to medical colleges abroad due to the limited seats in Indian universities. It is estimated that 20,000-25,000 students go abroad to study medicine each year. What are the Advantages of Studying Medicine Abroad? Students choose to study medicine abroad for various motives that range from better opportunities to global recognition.

Here are some reasons that indicate the reasons for Indian students choosing foreign medical colleges: Choosing the best university abroad for MBBS is an essential task that needs to be done with detailed information in hand. Here is a list of factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right college/university: Which Countries Offer Low-Cost MBBS to Indian Students? 1. Singapore: It is considered one of the developed Asian countries, which offers a financial and shipping hub to many countries for trade. Singapore is also known for its quality of education, and one of the major courses provided here is MBBS. Following are some other reasons for pursuing MBBS in Singapore:

Singapore has a high rate of employment.The Ministry of Education in Singapore offers tuition grants to international students. As per the scholarship deed, a student has to stay back after the course completion and work to pay off the loan amount.About 82% of the candidates get successful Permanent Residency in Singapore out of all the applied.Singapore had topped the Law and Order Index for 5 consecutive years as per a global study published in 2018. The environment is favourable and conducive. Medical Practitioners are rated highly in Singapore. Doctors can work in two types of healthcare facilities, broadly divided into Private and Public Healthcare.

2. Malaysia: This country is equipped with world-class universities that offer top-tier medicine degrees to students. Most universities in Malaysia rank among the top 200 on a global scale. Malaysia is popular among Indian students as the MBBS course is highly affordable compared to other nations. Following are some other reasons for pursuing MBBS in Malaysia:

All the universities are recognized by WHO (World Health Organization). A student who passed the MBBS is eligible to appear for the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test and get a licence to practice in India. MBBS fee structure in Malaysia is quite low when compared to the neighbouring countries. The Malaysian government also backs the students with financial support. Malaysia offers low-cost living for students. The accommodation and food costs are quite low, making it a hub for medical students.

3. Germany: The level of education given at medical universities in Germany is of extremely high quality, and it provides the perfect exposure to students from India. One of the prime reasons to study MBBS in Germany is the affordable cost. Following are some other reasons for pursuing MBBS in Germany:

Germany is famous for its zero tuition fee and MBBS is no exception. The cost of living in the country is also extremely low, with cheap on-campus accommodation available at most universities and free travel services for active students.Doing MBBS in Germany provides more flexibility as it opens job prospects not only in this country but also in its EU sister countries.Universities for MBBS in Germany are among the best medical universities in the world. They are recognized by various organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and the United Nations (UN).

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4. Russia: It is the best and most popular choice among Indian students who plan to study MBBS abroad. Ministry of Health and Education has effortlessly worked towards having highly subsidized MBBS fees. The total cost of studying MBBS in Russia is very much less than compared in other western countries. Following are some other reasons for pursuing MBBS in Russia:

Russia offers high-quality education that is beyond excellence. Indian students prefer MBBS in Russia due to its low-cost structure. When compared to other nations, the tuition is relatively reasonable there and even the living costs are quite reasonable. Most universities provide MBBS courses in the English language in Russia.

5. France: The medical colleges in France are committed to a more practical-based hands-on approach which increases the chances of success. The best Medical Universities in France offer MBBS degrees that are approved by the Medical Council of India(MCI). It is a 5 years course provided at a low cost. Following are some other reasons for pursuing MBBS in France:

France offers a wide range of possibilities and broad exposure. Students studying in France can complete their internship program at world-class medical colleges and hospitals worldwide.The tuition fee is relatively low and affordable.Hostel accommodations are comfortable and up to the mark for a student’s comfort.

Be Wise Choosing the right country and college for pursuing MBBS is a priority. With the wide variety of options, it becomes important to keep a checklist of various factors that make the choice worthwhile. Connect with Canam to analyse all the factors and make a beneficial career choice.

What is the highest score in FMGE?

Good Score in FMGE 2023

Minimum Score 150 out of 300
Highest Recorded Score in FMGE in 2022 251 out of 300
Highest Recorded Score in FMGE in 2020 244 out of 300

What is the pass rate for FMGE in Russia?

Highest FMGE Passing Rate Till Date The FMGE Dec 2022, which was conducted on 12th Jan 2023 had announced the result on 3rd Feb 2023. However, what was outstanding this year was the passing percentage of 39.6%. Historically, the passing percentage of the FMGE has always been low, often ranging between 10 to 20%.

FMGE Session Pass Percentage
2022 39.6 (December)
2022 10.61% (June)
2021 23.91% (December)
2020 9.94% (December)
2019 20.7% (June)
2018 10.2% (December)
2017 7.41% (June) 13.89% (December)
2016 11.22% (June) 8.08% (December)
2015 10.40% (June) 12.20% (December)
2014 4.93% (June) 20.00% (December)

Source: An unnamed official from the Union Health Ministry in conversation with a reputed daily stated, “Students have worked hard and the difficulty index may also have been slightly lower this time. A high pass percentage is an aberration rather than the norm; students have made the last-ditch effort to clear the FMGE.

Usually, Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Maldives are able to do well because their syllabus is quite similar to that of the Indian medical education system. Most FMGs have to spend at least a year learning a foreign language and the MBBS course is often more theoretical as the patient connectivity is less, and the FMGE does not test the practical training of students.

Testing practical components may further reduce the pass percentage. The NExT will have a practical component, not just FMGs; even the quality of training among Indian students in private colleges will be tested for the first time. It will help reveal the medical colleges’ rankings automatically and people will not go to colleges where the maximum number of students fail.” The said source further stated that, “All students cannot travel to metro cities to prepare at good coaching centers, so many took online subscriptions of apps to prepare for FMGE.

Some students had the support of both online and offline coaching classes and that made a lot of difference to the pass percentage,” says Dr Pritesh Singh, faculty, Surgery, PrepLadder, pointing out that 30% of those who pursued medical education in Ukraine, appeared in the FMGE and among them, one third were able to clear it.

“Most students who scored well began their FMGE preparation from the first year of MBBS itself and spent four to six hours every day preparing for the exam. Students are now more aware of what to study and where to study. The difficulty level of the exam was the same as NEET PG and despite clinical questions being asked, Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) were able to do well.

Students were afraid that if they do not clear it this time, they will have to appear in NExT later with which they are unfamiliar. They pushed themselves to clear FMGE in one go; this year’s pass percentage is the best.” Further, it also seems plausible that the downtime due to the pandemic and high awareness about the online platforms had helped the students to start early and meticulously.

The lockdowns during the Covid pandemic provided much-needed downtime to students to prepare for FMGE. No matter what the reason for this glamorous jump in the passing percentage in the medical licensing exam of India, it sure seems promising and assuring for all Indian medical students who are studying abroad and are preparing for their turn to excel in the FMGE/NExT.

What is the passing ratio for FMGE in China?

However, the reality is that the actual overall FMGE passing percentage from all the universities in China between 2015-18 was just 11.71% (2,370 passed out of 20,254).

Are FMGE interns paid in India?

FMG internship stipend – In May 2022, NMC had requested all directorates of medical education and state medical councils to ensure that no internship fee is charged by the medical colleges from FMGs. It also asked them to provide stipend and other facilities to FMGs as equivalent to Indian medical graduates.

However, considering the requests and representations from various state governments, UTs and medical colleges wherein it was intimated that there has been no budgetary provision in their allocation of annual budget to provide stipend to FMG, the NMC in October 2022 clarified that the amount of stipend to be paid to the interns is to be decided and fixed by the appropriate authority applicable to the institution.

Also Read | AIIMS excluded from list of medical colleges offering mandatory internships to FMGs: NMC The implementation of stipend guidelines for FMGs is solely at the discretion of the concerned state authorities under which the medical college or institute is located, NMC said.

Which foreign MBBS is valid in India?

Is MBBS from other countries valid in India? Yes, if you study from a WHO-approved medical school, then your degree is fully valid to practice as a doctor in India. You can study MBBS in any country, including China, Georgia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, etc.

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Which country medical degree is valid in India?

Which Countries Medical Degree Is Valid In India? There are currently only five English-speaking countries whose postgraduate degrees are recognized in India: the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, and Canada.

Doctors who have postgraduate degrees from countries such as China and Russia are not treated on an equal level as their Indian counterparts. There are currently only five English-speaking countries whose postgraduate degrees are recognized in India: the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, and Canada.

Doctors who have postgraduate degrees from countries such as China and Russia are not treated on an equal level as their Indian counterparts.

Is it better to do MBBS in India or abroad?

MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad: There are limited seats for prospective medical students in India. In India, medical schools only have 84,000 MBBS seats available, and 16 lakh applicants take the NEET exam, Because it is more difficult for medical students to get accepted, several of them decide to study MBBS abroad.

Abroad University MBBS Application Form 2023
Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM) Apply Now
Manipal Pokhara College of Medical Science, Pokhara, Nepal Apply Now
Kursk State Medical University, Russia Apply Now
Grigol Robakidze University, Georgia Apply Now

It is thought to be a superior choice for medical students. Students can easily be admitted without any gift, in addition to affordable prices, government and top medical universities, and international employment chances. Foreign medical universities have enough medical seats, unlike in India.

  • It accepts applications from students from other countries.
  • During pandemics, this profession has seen a huge increase in demand.
  • Everyone understands that Covid-19 places a high demand on medical science.
  • The high tuition costs of top private medical colleges in India deter many students from pursuing medical degrees.

However, students can complete their MBBS abroad for anything between Rs 12 lakh and Rs 25 lakh, including or omitting the cost of the mess and the dorm. Wants to Study MBBS Abroad from a top Country with low tution Fees? Subscribe Now! Many nations are regarded as being perfect for Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad.

  • Many of them have made significant investments in the R&D education system.
  • This makes medical education reasonably priced.
  • One of the most prestigious and well-liked professional possibilities for students in India is MBBS.
  • Many Indian students hope to graduate from a reputable private medical school or a government medical school after completing the MBBS programme.

In India, there are more than 450 public and private medical schools. AIIMS New Delhi, PGIMER Chandigarh, CMC Vellore, AFMC Pune, Kasturba Medical College Manipal, and other prestigious medical schools are among India’s best medical colleges, Despite the many medical schools in India, there are not enough places for all people who want to study medicine there.

Because of this, many students who don’t get into the medical school of their choice either drop out and retake the test or enrol elsewhere. Students can earn their MBBS at prestigious international medical schools like Vinnytsia National Medical University in Ukraine, Altai State Medical University in Russia, and AMA School of Medicine in the Philippines.

An authoritative news source said that an increasing number of Indian students are enrolling in MBBS programmes abroad. They further claim that the number of students who receive eligibility certificates from studying MBBS abroad each year is steadily increasing.

Is foreign MBBS worth it in India?

Is MBBS worth it in abroad or India? MBBS abroad holds more value when compared to pursuing the same studies in India. Abroad MBBS colleges are all QS-ranked, offer affordable fees, and their quality of medical education is relatively higher when compared to India.

Which European country is best for MBBS?

Germany – Germany is one of the top European country for MBBS in the world. Germany provides free education that is extremely challenging for international students to get an MBBS seat with the top German medical universities. Germany is well-known to have a world-class healthcare system that enables the students to have the opportunity of training in modern infrastructure with advanced equipment.

Which European country is best to study medicine?

6. MBBS In Georgia – MBBS in Georgia: Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The first thing tourists say when visiting Georgia is that it is green, clean, safe, and has excellent roads compared to other countries.

How many medical students pass out every year in India?

Many but Mostly Mediocre Doctors – India has the largest number of medical colleges in the world, both of modern medicine and AYUSH. Close to 90,000 MBBS graduates in these 595 medical colleges of Modern Medicine (Allopathy) and 53,000 graduates in another 733 AYUSH medical colleges are produced every year.

More than 100 AYUSH Medical colleges are proposed to come up in the academic year 2022-23. And there is a clamour for more. Public representatives of various political parties are pressing their political masters to promise more medical colleges in their constituencies, obviously for “showing development” to their constituents.

At this rate, by the year 2030, India will have a million and a quarter additional but mostly mediocre doctors. Contrary to the popular perception of scarcity of medical doctors, a large section of young, newly qualified physicians is spending several years in a dysfunctional state because of few employment opportunities for qualified doctors in the government or public sectors and poor, exploitative salaries in the private sector.

How many medical students go abroad in India?

Around 10,000 aspiring Indian students go overseas to pursue MBBS every year, a number which saw a steep rise of nearly 24% in 2018. Considering there are only around 60,000 seats throughout India in government colleges, a growing number of searches for the best countries for MBBS makes sense.

What is the highest score in FMGE?

Good Score in FMGE 2023

Minimum Score 150 out of 300
Highest Recorded Score in FMGE in 2022 251 out of 300
Highest Recorded Score in FMGE in 2020 244 out of 300

How many students pass MBBS in India?

India has the highest MCI passing rate in – India has the highest passing rate for MCI exams among countries in 2021. According to a research study, 97.33% of medical students in India were able to pass the MCI exams, making it the country with the highest success rate this year.