Ca Foundation Exam Date 2023

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts the CA Foundation exam. It is conducted twice a year. The Institute has announced the CA Foundation exam date for the June 2023 session on its official website. The Foundation exam will be conducted from 24th June to 30th June 2023.


Which month is best for CA Foundation exam?

CA Foundation Preparation for Theoretical Part – We suggest students make one register for all the theoretical aspect of the subject. The theoretical question mainly start with the following below given points. List? State? Define? Explain? Recognize or identify? Classify? Students should write an answer to such question for all concepts, provision, theories and principle, terminologies under syllabus of particular paper.

Month Practical Study Theoretical Study
First month 60 hours (2 hrs daily for month) 90 hours (3 hrs daily for a month)
Second month 60 hours (2 hrs daily for month) 90 hours (3 hrs daily for month)
Third month 150 hours (5 hrs daily for month) 90 hours (3 hrs daily for month)
Fourth month 150 hours (5 hrs daily for month) 90 hours (3 hrs daily for month)
Fifth month 180 hours (6 hrs daily for month) 60 hours (2 hrs daily for month)
Sixth month 150 hours (5 hrs daily for month) 90 hours (3 hrs daily for month)
Total hrs 750 510

We suggest every student analyze their own knowledge and behavior and can use this timetable to organize their time, with necessary amendments. Q 1: Is it important to practice through previous year question paper? Ans: Yes, it is important to go through previous CA Foundation question papers mock test paper, sample paper, of same ICAI approved syllabus.

  • Q2: How to study in the first two months of preparation? Ans: We suggest student cover their theoretical part in first two months.
  • This will help the student to have a proper understanding of the subject and will make the application part easier.
  • You can refer to the time table given above in this article Q 3: How To study in the third and fourth month of preparation? Ans: Third and fourth month are the most crucial time of your CA Foundation preparation.

During this time you have a proper understanding of your subjects and you start the application of this knowledge to solve problems. You should give more practice time during these months. You can refer to the table above for further classification. Q 4: How to prepare for CA foundation in last 2 months? Ans: Please refer to our article CA Foundation last month preparation,

Q5: How to prepare for CA foundation without coaching? Ans: It is possible to prepare CA foundation without coaching. You can refer to the article above for help. It is advisable to study under experienced guidance. Hope you have got the answer of how to do CA Foundation preparation in six months. If you want to know more about CA Foundation exam pattern and marking scheme, please read our article CA Foundation exam pattern,

We wish you all the best and k eep yourself healthy and organized,

What is the time of CA Foundation Paper 3?

NEW DELHI: The Institute of Chartered Accountants has announced the dates of the ICAI CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final November 2023 exams. Students who are going to appear for the CA exams can take note of the examination dates. To check the complete schedule of the CA November 2023 exams, candidates can visit the official website at,

CA Foundation, Inter & Final exams are scheduled to commence on November 1 and the online registration process for the same will begin on August 2 and conclude on August 23, 2023. ICAI CA Foundation November 2023 exams will be conducted on December 24, 26, 28, and 30 and CA Intermediate November 2023 exams will be held on November 2, 4, 6, and 8 for group 1 and November 10, 13, 15, and 17 for group 2.

CA Final November 2023 examinations will be conducted on November 1, 3, 5, and 7 for group 1 and November 9, 11, 14, and 16 for group 2. CA Foundation Paper 1 and 2 examinations will be conducted for a duration of three hours i.e., from 2 PM to 5 PM and Paper 3 and 4 will be held for a duration of two hours i.e., from 2 PM to 4 PM.

What is the highest score in CA Foundation?

CA Foundation Topper 2023: Name and Rank Wise Toppers List CA Foundation Toppers 2023 list for the Jun session will be released after the results are announced. The list of CA Foundation topper 2023 for the Dec session has been made public by ICAI along with the result.

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Latest Updates on CA Foundation Along with the results and the CA Foundation result 2023 topper, the ICAI will also release the CA Foundation rank list 2023. Also Read : Table of Contents

Does ICAI give grace marks?

Grace marks are ‘not free’ in each exam. It will be awarded by ICAI only in the following cases: When there is a ‘factual mistake’ in the questions like spelling mistakes, printing errors wrong information etc, which can lead to an erroneous answer: Ex: Mr.

How many chartered accountants are there in India?

How many CAs or ICAI Members are there in India in 2022?

Occupational Status Number of Associate Members (ACAs) Number of Fellow Members (FCAs)
Not in practice (i.e. doing Business or Job or looking for an employment) 181,653 15,926
Total (351,232) 242,944 108,288

Which is the toughest subject in CA Foundation?

Which is the toughest subject in CA Foundation? Different students find different subjects tough. However, CA Foundation Paper 3 ‘ Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics ‘ is comparatively harder to clear. It requires deep conceptual clarity and rigorous practice.

What is the lowest passing percentage of CA Foundation?

CA Foundation Pass Percentage 2023: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) will announce the CA Foundation Pass Percentage June 2023 pass percentage alongside the results. The ICAI CA Foundation June 2023 pass % is calculated by dividing the number of candidates who appear in the exam by the total number of candidates who pass the exam.

  1. CA Foundation Pass Percentage pass percentage for the December 2022 session was 29.25% the prior year.
  2. Moreover, the exam was passed by 36864 out of 126015 students.
  3. The pass % comprises information such as the number of candidates who took the CA Foundation test 2023, the number of applicants that passed, and the respective pass percentage.

Furthermore, candidates must achieve a minimum of 40% in each CA Foundation paper and a total aggregate of 50% to be deemed a pass, according to the prescribed CA Foundation result 2023 pass percentage. Check out the full page to learn more about the CA foundation Pass Percentage – passing percentage, passing marks, merit list, and other important parts of the exam.

What is the highest score in CA intermediate?

CA Intermediate Toppers 2023 (Out): Marks and Rank-wise Toppers CA Intermediate Topper 2023 and the results on Jul 5, 2023, have been released. ICAI has published the May session’s CA Inter toppers 2023 list on its official website, As per the CA inter topper list, Y.

  • Gokul Sai Sreekar tops the first rank with a score of 688/800, Noor Singla tops second rank and scores 682/800, and Kavya Sandeep Kothari tops third rank and scored 678/800 marks.
  • The names of the top three rank holders of the test includes in the topper list of,
  • The top three CA Intermediate May 2023 toppers list for exams who received the highest scores on their first attempt has been updated here.
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CA Intermediate 2023 toppers will be announced separately for each session.

Latest Updates on CA Intermediate

Jul 5, 2023: CA Intermediate 2023 registration for Dec session will commence from Aug 2, 2023. Jul 5, 2023: CA Intermediate 2023 result for the May session has been released on Jul 5, 2023. Jul 5, 2023: CA Intermediate 2023 topper list has been announced for May session on Jul 5, 2023. Jul 5, 2023: CA Intermediate 2023 merit list has been announced for May session on Jul 5, 2023.

Table of Contents CA Intermediate toppers May 2023 has been released by ICAI on Jul 5, 2023, along with the results. CA Intermediate toppers 2023 lis includes rank, name, marks, percentage and location of the candidate.

Rank Student name Marks City
1 Y Gokkul Sai Sreekar 688 Hydrabad
2 Noor Singla 682 Patiala
3 Kavya Sandeep Kothari 678 Mumbai

Which country is best for CA study?

Colleges to Pursue CA Abroad The best countries to pursue CA abroad include the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Which type of CA is best?

The top 7 career options are internal audit, tax audit, statutory audit, finance controller, forensic auditing, management consulting, and treasury. The chartered accountant (CA) is a certified accounting professional.

Who is the richest CA of India?

The Richest CA in India: Kumar Mangalam Birla With an estimated net worth of US$14 billion, as of October 1, 2022, according to Forbes, Birla’s success story is a testament to the power of a CA qualification.

How many marks are required in CA?

CA Foundation Passing Criteria 2023 – To qualify the CA Foundation exam 2023, a candidate needs to secure minimum 40% marks in each paper and an aggregate of 55% in all four papers. Candidates securing less than the passing criteria specified by ICAI will not be considered a pass. Such candidates have to reappear for the CS Foundation papers. Related: Check

Who is youngest CA in India?

Nischal Narayanam – Wikipedia Indian child prodigy and chartered accountant

This article is an, as no other articles, Please to this page from ; try the for suggestions. ( April 2022 )

Nischal Born ( 1995-08-10 ) August 10, 1995 (age 27), OccupationEducationalistTitleDouble Holder Gold Medal in (Kids Category) Youngest CA Double Post-GraduateWebsite Nischal Narayanam is an Indian child prodigy and India’s youngest chartered accountant.

Who are the Big 3 Chartered Accountants?

Revenue comparison

Rank Firm Source
1st Deloitte F2022
2nd PwC F2022
3rd EY F2022
4th KPMG F2022

Are CA in demand in India?

CA’s are in high demand both in India and internationally, and as a result, qualified CA’s can expect to enjoy long and successful careers.

Who are the best teacher for CA Foundation on Unacademy?

Over 1250 Unacademy Learners Qualify CA Foundation 2022 Exam Unacademy has announced that over 1250 of its learners have qualified for the CA Foundation December 2022 exam. The bi-annual examination, conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), is for CA aspirants to be eligible for the intermediate exam.

As per the results declared by ICAI, more than 128 Unacademy learners have scored over 300 marks. Three learners scored an exceptional score of above 350 marks in the highly competitive exam that sees lakhs of aspirants each year. Amongst the top three scorers are Parneet Kaur (359 marks) from Punjab, Sri Meenakshi S (350 marks) from Tamil Nadu, and Shubham Bajaj (350 marks) from Rajasthan.

In the recently declared results, Unacademy learners secured exceptional marks across Maths, Accounts, Economics, and Law. Amongst the subject-wise toppers are Tamanna Gupta (99 marks) in Accounts from Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, Vassu Singhal (88 marks) in Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Rachit Parwal (97 marks) in Maths, Logical Reasoning & Stats from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and Harit Bhatia (97 marks) in Economics & Business Commercial Knowledge from Ambala Cantt, Haryana.

3 Unacademy learners have scored 350 and above 128+ Unaademy learners have scored 300 and above 1250+ Unacademy learners have qualified the exam

Unacademy is the leading online learning platform for CA Intermediate and, with its top educators like CA Anshul Agrawal (Accounts), CA Nishant Kumar (Mathematics), CA Indresh Gandhi (Law), CA Mohnish Vora (Economics) and others. The platform offers 1:1 mentorship, high-quality content,, practice questions, mock tests, and doubt-solving classes.

Which test series is best for CA Foundation?

FAQ – Test Series for CA Foundation is one of the important factor in deciding your result in ICAI exam. provides the best CA Foundation Test Series as per the ICAI Exam Pattern. The quality of questions is largely similar to that of ICAI exam and the response from Chartered Accountants is really very good.

Due to the vast syllabus of ca inter, the test series becomes an important part for CA Inter. provides the best CA Inter Test Series. It is important to divide the syllabus into small parts and practice a good number of questions from each part and some expert Chartered Accountants can evaluate the performance of those questions.

This is the important factor to crack the CA Inter exam in the first attempt. The Ca Test Series offered by is one of the best in terms of quality and price. The best part about Catestseries is that they provide new questions other than ICAI MAT.

  • Evaluation of test copies and feedback is also quite good and practical from ICAI exam point of view.
  • More than 88 Top Rankers are quite impressed with the quality of ca mocks conducted by
  • Various expert chartered accountants and coaching faculties refer catestseries because of quality of content and paper assessment process.

According to various review platforms, the best test series for CA final according to quora is Most of the students feel that the quality of questions in the mock test series of Catestseries is close to the ICAI exam pattern. An expert team is required for paper designing for CA final ICAI exam, so catestseries is the best option for CA final exam.

  1. According to Quora the best CA test series is
  2. Various reviewers choose Catestseries because the evaluation process is transparent, quality of notes, managed test series schedule and expert faculty.
  3. is considered to be best ca test series for ca Inter ICAI exams because of providing new questions other than ICAI study material as per Latest exam pattern.

Instant doubt solving is also quite impressive during the last 3 months before the exams. CA Test Series is the best ca final test series for ICAI Exam Preparation. Individual performance feedback, doubt solving, quality test papers, evaluation in 48 hours and mentoring over call makes a best test series for ca final exams.

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