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How many students get above 90 percent in class 10 in India?

The board has scrapped the practice of announcing merit lists and awarding divisions on the basis of marks to discourage unhealthy competition among the students – Over 3.08 lakh students have scored above 90 per cent marks in the CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 exams while over 66,000 secured scores above 95 per cent, the board announced on Friday.

  • The board has scrapped the practice of announcing merit lists and awarding divisions on the basis of marks to discourage unhealthy competition among the students.
  • Also Read | CBSE board exams for Class 10, 12 from February 15 next year In Class 12, 1,12,838 (1.12 lakh) students have scored above 90 per cent and 22,622 candidates secured above 95 per cent marks.

In Class 10, 1,95,799 (1.95 lakh) candidates have scored above 90 per cent marks while 44,297 have scored above 95 per cent.

What is the highest grade in CBSE Class 10?

Demerits of CGPA System –

  • The CGPA system does not reflect the actual performance of a student. More or less, it indicates the approximate performance.
  • Since CGPA is formatted as a grading system, Students tend to perform under their potential because they know that they can obtain the targeted grade even by committing a few mistakes as the grade band is of commendable size,

Now This gives us a handsome idea on the CBSE grading system 2023 for class 10th and class 12th.

How much percentage is required for scholarship in India Class 10?

Objective. The objective of CBSE merit scholarship scheme is to provide scholarships to the meritorious Single Girl Students, who are the only child of their parents; and have passed the CBSE Class X Examination with 60% or more marks/grades and are continuing their further school education of Class XI and XII.

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Which class is 75 percentage in India?

Results are awarded in percentages as below: Distinction – 75%+ First Class – 60% Second Class – 50%

What is the maximum number of students allowed per class in India?

CHENNAI: The department of school education will from the coming academic year strictly enforce the Right to Education Act, 2009, on the number of children who can be admitted in a classroom. Officials said they will make it compulsory for schools to not have more than 40 children in a class.

  • It is also mandatory that each student is provided 10 sq ft space as per the norms.
  • This will help them concentrate better,” said an official.
  • Stuffing more students in classrooms will affect teachers in enforcing discipline and completing their portions early, he added.
  • The RTE Act prescribes a Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) of 30:1 and 35:1 at primary and higher classes in every school.

Guidelines prescibed for school infrastructure by the Union ministry of human resource development mandate that each classroom have a plinth area of 66 sqmt and secondary schools should have two additional classrooms. Officials said they will inspect schools across the state to ensure they do not take in more students than they can handle.

Rev Bro K K Thomas, principal and correspondent of Montfort Matriculation Higher Secondary School, said that when implemented, the directive can cause problems. The schools permit up to 50 children in higher classes and up to 40 at the primary level, When asked why, the principal said it was due to increasing demand for admissions.

“We have been receiving a rising number of requests for admission from parents. If we deny, they use influence and recommendations from higher authorities. In such circumstances, we are helpless,” he said. “If this rule is implemented, we will need to have a detailed discussion with officials as we cannot drastically reduce our intake suddenly,” he said.

  • Apart from recommendations, many schools take in more students to get more income so they can pay their staff and meet their yearlong educational expenses,” said S Arumainathan, state president of Tamil Nadu Students and Parents Welfare Association.
  • In such cases, the officials should have a proper interaction with principals of schools and come up with a viable solution, so that children are not affected,” he said.
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“We have found that effective teaching is possible with a strength of 40,” said P Vijayalakshmi, principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Virugambakkam. She added that when more than two children are seated on each bench they are not able to pay proper attention, resulting in poor discipline and unhygienic conditions.